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Black Belt Day October 2017

black belt day

Black Belt Day with Shihan Chris Thompson

On Saturday, 24th of October was a karate event that was not to be missed.  Black belts from all the Samurai Karate dojos came together to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Kimura Shukokai Karate in the Cape and Shihan Chris Thompson opening his first dojo in Cape Town.  Events like this are always so valuable to karate students.  To gain insight and get a glimpse of what is expected of any karateka, no matter where you are in your karate education.

The Black belt day was a rare opportunity for black belt students to connect with one another away from competition and to enjoy training together as an organisation.  There was a huge amount of pride and passion on the dojo floor, as everyone enjoyed the lesson that was being taught.  Shihan Chris Thompson was inspirational, as usual, and his teaching invaluable.   It is wonderful to have 50 years of knowledge and experience to guide the rest of us in our karate journey.

As always a day training with our fellow karateka and our leader Shihan Chris Thompson was a great day on the mat.  There was so much to learn and the training that is to follow will be more focussed on the principles that were taught on the black belt training day.

The Samurai Karate Hout Bay black belts had a wonderful experience. Now, under the experienced eye of our Sensei John Shaw we are training hard once again and trying everyday to gain more understanding of this wonderful art of Kimura Shukokai Karate to become the best karateka that we can be.