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KSI Nationals – SA Championships 2017

KSI Nationals – SA Championships Next week is grading week at the Samurai Karate Hout Bay Dojo.  We wish everyone luck and hope that they are getting on the tatami regularly to prepare for these important challenges that karate students face on their journey up the grades. Once our grading is behind us, our primary […]

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Samurai Karate Hout Bay Grading August 2017

Samurai Karate Hout Bay Grading 26 August 2017, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Samurai Karate and Fitness Centre is having a grading for all its juniors members on Saturday, 26th of August 2017. The students be put through their knowledge of their karate basics and fitnes.  Their kata will be tested and evaluated to see […]

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Winter Gashuku May 2017

The Winter Gashuku at Soetwater The Samurai Hout Bay Juniors spent a chilly May weekend at the Soetwater education centre training with the Samuarai Lakeside dojo. The objective of the Gashuku was to consolidate techniques that the students have been learning in class in preparation for the grading that was to take place on the […]

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WCIC Berlin 2017

THE WCIC, BERLIN 2017 The WCIC (World Chief Instructors Course) is hosted and run by our four world joint chief instructors , Shihans’ Chris Thompson, Lionel Marinus, Bill Bressaw and Eddie Daniels.  It is held  annually in order to ensure that all member’s of Kimura Shukikai International (KSI) practice the depth and breadth of Soke […]

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