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There are so many interesting facts and history about martial arts. Samurai Karate Hout Bay Dojo loves to share these interesting fact with their members

Keen on Kata

The word “kata” in Japanese means “way of doing”, referring specifically to “the form and order of the process”. The idea is that once a kata has been practiced over and over, it is committed to muscle memory, and can be enacted by the mere thinking of it. This can apply to tea making ceremonies, […]

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Interview with Shirgeru Kimura Sensei

INTERVIEW WITH SHIGERU KIMURA SENSEI KEN HASSELL: Welcome to England again and thank you for your time so soon after your flight. SHIGERU KIMURA: You’re welcome. K.H.: How long are you here for? S.K.: Today (Thursday) until Monday then I go back to America. K.H.: When and where did you begin your karate training? S.K.: […]

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BUSHIDO “The study of the martial atrs, and the study of life, through the way of the martial arts.” LOWER STAGE The student feels that he cannot achieve real learning, despite having studied for a long time.  He sees himself or herself as a failure and loses hope.  When he or she decides to accept […]

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