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KSI Nationals – SA Championships 2017

KSI Nationals – SA Championships

sa championships

Next week is grading week at the Samurai Karate Hout Bay Dojo.  We wish everyone luck and hope that they are getting on the tatami regularly to prepare for these important challenges that karate students face on their journey up the grades.
Once our grading is behind us, our primary focus will be geared towards preparing a selected group of students from the Samurai Karate Hout Bay Dojo for the SACahampionships on 16 September 2017.
We want our best in the respective age groups to compete and most importantly, hope to have a few winners who will qualify for the South African Team. This team will represent South Africa in the KSI World Championships which is to be held in Sweden in 2018.
We will also have TV Coverage for our Nationals and would like to encourage all members to support the event. No spectator cost. So, please diarise this date – 16th September.
Only members from 12yrs+ can qualify for our SA Squad. The event will also start with a selected group of 6/7 yr old competitors from each dojo. We will have a limited group of 7 competitors representing Hout Bay Dojo.
Good luck for your grading next weekend and continue to train hard for the the upcoming championships.