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Spring Gashuku November 2017

Spring Gashuku

Spring Gashuku 2017

Our Spring Gashuku was primarily aimed at team building and bonding and was a huge success. Those who were fortunate enough to attend, have intimated that they would definitely attend our next Gashuku. Apart from the wonderful facilities made available to us, we also enjoyed the the services of a team of caterers who added a tasteful touch to our Gashuku.
Training alongside the beach front, the fresh sea air and wonderful weather added to the fun of training outdoors. Learning new ways of falling when practicing take-downs and recovering under pressured attacks were the order of Saturday’s training.
There are a few high lights to mention – namely, the bonfire gathering, the obstacle course and finally a dip in the tidal pool. The bonfire flames (approx – 3meters high) took some time before we were able to melt our marshmallows. Once done, headed off to watch the karate kid movie and that ended Saturday’s events. Sunday, we headed off to tackle the most exciting obstacle course. Our adult group had as much fun as the kids, tackling some really daunting structures and overcame their fears and ultimately gaining massive respect.
Then, last but not least, the dip in the tidal pool. We ended with a splash and will be looking forward to our next Gashuku. Hopefully, we can convince and encourage more of our members to experience the fun with our fellow Lakeside Dojo Karateka.
Bonfire Spring Gashuku