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WCIC Berlin 2017


The WCIC (World Chief Instructors Course) is hosted and run by our four world joint chief instructors , Shihans’ Chris Thompson, Lionel Marinus, Bill Bressaw and Eddie Daniels.  It is held  annually in order to ensure that all member’s of Kimura Shukikai International (KSI) practice the depth and breadth of Soke Shigeru Kimua’s, technique.  This course is extended to all senior grades from all around the world and it is also the platform for all members to interact and train amongst the best in our worldwide organisation.  This unique experience is highly recommended to all who wish to improve their level of karate and to interact with passionate karateka from many different countries.

In May of 2017, 6 members of KSISAS journeyed to Germany to take part in the WCIC Berlin.  The WCIC was set in the beautiful Potsdam in Berlin.  The South Africans could not wait to train with the World’s best at the WCIC Berlin.  It was an incredible experience that had everyone performing at high levels and enjoying every moment of their training.  The WCIC is not only a platform for training, but the opportunity for all the top level referees to share insight and knowledge on the latest ideas on international competition standards. Especially how kata and kumite should be judged and evaluated at competitions.  This allows our referees to educate themselves and bring that knowledge back home and apply it to our local competitions to ensure that the high Shukokai standards are upheld.

The week was an experience that could not be equalled and left all the South Africans hungry for more and eager to get home to apply and share what they had learnt.  The next WCIC will be in Birmingham, UK in April 2018.  Get training and hopefully more eager South African students will be sharing in this amazing event.


WCIC Berlin

Karate Students from South Africa with the World Chief Instuctors at the WCIC in Berlin in May 2017