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Winter Gashuku May 2017

The Winter Gashuku at Soetwater

The Samurai Hout Bay Juniors spent a chilly May weekend at the Soetwater education centre training with the Samuarai Lakeside dojo. The objective of the Gashuku was to consolidate techniques that the students have been learning in class in preparation for the grading that was to take place on the Sunday morning.  The students conducted themselves with distinction resulting in all the learners receiving their grades at the end of the weekend.

It is a privilege and a huge amount of fun for our students from Samurai Hout Bay to mix with students from other dojos.  It gives our students an unique opportunity to meet other karate students away from the stress of the competition environment and get to know one other in a more relaxed and fun environment. Lots of fun was had by all the students and an eventful weekend ended in a grading that saw the campers leaving very happy.

Well done to all the young Samurai Hout Bay warriors for braving the cold and showing amazing respect and budo towards the karate students from the Samurai Lakeside dojo.

winter gashuku

Samurai Hout Bay warriors braving the cold weather at the WInter Gashuku at the Soetwater Education center